FAQ - Battery Storage Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked lots of different questions about solar battery storage, please see below for some of the most common questions that we get asked!

What Is Battery Storage?

Battery storage is simply a battery for your home, it will enable you to store energy either from your solar panels or from the national grid, You can then manage this stored energy and use it on demand in your home.

Can I Charge The Battery Overnight?

Yes! all of our solar battery solutions at Cambridge Battery Storage allow you to charge the batteries overnight on a cheaper tariff.

Can I Add Battery Storage To My Existing Solar Panel Installation?

At Cambridge Battery Storage we make easy to retro fit batteries to an existing system. If you get paid a Feed In Tariff (FIT) for your generation then this will not be affected.

Can I Add More Battery Storage In The Future?

Yes! all of the Battery Storage System's that we install can be expanded on or added to in the future. It is very easy to add additional batteries to both Givenergy & Tesla battery storage systems.

Do I Need To Have Solar Panels To Have A Battery Installed?

No, you do need to have solar panels to use battery storage in your home. At Cambridge Battery Storage we can add a battery to your home even if there are no solar panels. You can still charge the battery overnight from the grid and power your homes energy needs in the day with the stored power.